We have discontinued our Firm from operations wef 31/3/2017, but for cancellation of RC no Vat department says do it on line and on line there is no link. Kindly help called all help line nos no one either picks up or just say they dont know. It is typcial situation. we dont want GST regn Thanks

Regad=rding surrender of VAT no under mahavat

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    Online Registration Cancellation in Maharashtra VAT

    • Go to¬†https://newautomation.mahavat.gov.in/newregistrationandreturn/index.html
    • Login with your existing VAT ID
    • In order to apply for Cancellation of Registration select Registration -> Registration Cancellation from the dealer launch pad.
    • Select act type page will be displayed. The acts that are already RC granted but not cancelled will be displayed on the screen for selection.
    • Select the acts for which you want to cancel the registration. Multiple acts can be selected at a time by selecting the check boxes in front of the respective acts.
    • Select appropriate reason for cancellation from the dropdown list of reasons:
    • System will ask for respective documents to be uploaded depending on the cancellation reason selected.
    • Select the date from which you would like to cancel the registration for the selected act(s).
    • If you want to mention different address for correspondence after cancellation of registration, select Yes. If Yes is selected, system will ask for the address of correspondence.

    Maharashtra VAT Helpline

    Help Desk Number

    1800 225 900

    Answered on April 8, 2017.
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